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William Powell Frith - 2.

Originally posted by yassena at William Powell Frith - 2.
Olivia Newton-John - Greensleeves.

Продолжая вчерашний рассказ о творчестве английского художника William Powell Frith.

Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn Deer Shooting In Windsor Forest.

Те самые зеленые рукава.

The Witch's Trial. 1848.

Sketch for Stage Coach Aventure. 1850.

The Signal. 1853.

The Sleeping Model. 1853.

The Lovers. 1855.

The Derby Day. 1856-1858.

The Derby Daydetail.

The Family Lawyer. 1857.

The Crossing Sweeper. 1858.

Uncle Toby and the Widow Wadman. 1865.

The Marriage of the Prince of Wales,10 March 1863. 1865.

The Flower Seller. 1871.

The New Earrings. 1875.

Study for the Last Sunday of Charles II.

Su primer baile de traje de fantasía.

The archers.

The Ardour.

The Lovers.

The Railway Station.

Life At The Seaside, Ramsgate Sands.

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